Sunday, April 8, 2018

Portal Journey

The different dimensions in the cosmos or macrocosm are almost identical to the chakras in our etheric body. It is like a 7 story mystical building, cylindrical in shape, with a glass elevator.

Each floor is a wonderland, with a different color of lighting, like the colors of the chakras. The first floor is very dense. It is the physical plane which is very busy, like the earth.

Each floor has its own vibration, which is the same frequency as the color of the lighting, and you can hear sounds and chanting at that pitch as well.

To go from one floor to the next, the sound frequency or vibration has to rise. The only way the vibrations rise is through purification, the erasing or Vasana impressions, desires, and the consumption of Karm. With each stage of cleansing, the vibration rises. The elevator twirls like a wheel as it goes through a portal and comes out on the other side to the next floor.

Here, the whole landscape is different. The 2nd floor is like an astral plane like a dream, with translucent souls. It is less dense than the first floor, feels light like a bird in the sky.

As we ascendant through the portal into a higher frequency of the 3rd floor we notice that here many souls have combined to become a deity, Rishi, Siddha, angel, and such. They are luminous beings who can be subtle energy forms.

Each floor has it's own beauty and uniqueness. Souls keep combining into higher subtler beings, till there is only One. Space and time expand, forms become more and more subtle, and the frequency keeps rising. Till we reach the roof there is something to be experienced.

However; the roof is beyond all form, and no time exists here. Only a suble vibration of 'Aum'. There is no duality and no space. It is all in all - beyond the mind to know.

We are like this 7 story building, and even though the elevator or our evolution and awareness can be at any one chakra, we exist on all levels.

In the same way, we also exist in all dimensions, even though our existence and awareness is mostly on the earth plane. We soar into higher dimensions, in our flight during deep meditations and ascensions.

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