Thursday, October 25, 2018

The only way home is through the Self

The only way home is through the Self. That inner guide is the only external guidance. As all else changes, the Atma always stays with you. Your only support.

To break the barriers of the mind and open up to Oneness can only come from divine grace. Till then one can ascend ladders and knock on doors to open. From the timeless Supreme spontaneously comes the descent of grace for liberation.
Then each particle of creation becomes one’s own cell, every being one’s own extension. The center remains the same, but the center can be anywhere.

From man’s centeredness in the mind, thoughts, logic and intellect, comes an expansion. In the knowing and awareness that has no words lies a greater understanding. Like the difficulty in expressing feelings through words, it becomes exceedingly difficult to convey experience and existence. The presence then conveys more than words. One moves into a world of energy, and matter becomes a medium. 
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