Friday, October 26, 2018

Transcending to Realms Beyond

The mind stays busy in its small world. The Atma is ever present and pervasive. If the mind makes an intention and effort to transcend itself, only then does the greater realm of other layers of our existence come into our awareness. There is an expansion from the small sphere of body and mind, to subtle feelings, that become more defined and clearer as we exercise being in greater awareness. Our impurities and limitations bring us back to our limited heavy identity because of which we can’t hold our expanded awareness permanently. As impurities of thoughts and emotions, and limitations of patterns and tendencies gets erased, we naturally and easily expand into greater consciousness with least effort for longer states.

Far beyond the logic of the mind lies realms with its own ways of functioning. Our world is only one paradigm in many spheres of existence. Our experience and existence in another sphere of existence can’t be explained in this realm, it would sound bizarre. It’s a totally different ball game. We can have some preview of it through science fiction movies, or electronic games.

As our dim flame rises and becomes full so does our view and experience of creation. Objects no longer seem inanimate. So a realized being would say, “The moon spoke to me and said…” and a logical rational person would consider him a lunatic! 

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