Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cyclones of change

The descent of Grace reveals the structure of the universe. It is top down. The tree with the roots above and the leaves below that stretch across the universe.
From above comes the source of the cause of the universe. From above comes the command and the origin of change.

And change comes like a swirl. Everything gets mixed up. Churned. Dirt is thrown up and around in a nasty wind, merciless and fierce. There is no choice given because this is the will of the divine. It is the power and force of nature that puts things into motion. In these ferocious winds of change all structures are broken, all free will relinquished. This time there is no pause button.

This churning is within you as well. That's where it starts then extends out into the world that you live in. All change is within. Some who do not wish to change get destroyed, their hard inner structure fails and falls to the winds of transformation. The command is, "Evolve! Or perish!" It is the law of nature, if you will.

Swirling and churning, all the dirt, and negativity. The dark and evil get thrown up to be consumed into the great mouth of the purifying fire. For the one who wishes to cleanse and purify, that inner fire purifies one of all negativities. It is what you have come for. An opportunity given to you to do it here and now.

Change is not easy for those with old, hard or rusted habits. Change is not possible for those who do not intend to evolve. Those who resist change bear tremendous challenges and pain. Suffering ensues for those who are stuck to old patterns, attached to people and things, those who refuse to recognize their limitations or reflect within.

Look at yourself, look within and see, what in you in churning? What in you is willing to change? What in you is resisting the process?

Those who align with the natural rhythm of the universe with be carried forth into the next cycle of evolution. How beautiful is their flourishing, They are cherished and nourished by the divine in the cradle of creation. They are celebrated as they give birth to their new beings in greater realms. Of joy that knows no bounds, their blossoming in the garden of paradise is such a blissful pleasure to the entire existence!
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