Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pure or Impure

That churning is for purification. Like a washing machine.
Many layers need to removed, over and over again. At every step, one feels purified until the next stage, when one realizes more purification is needed.
We have come on the earth plane to purify. We are also susceptible to being tarnished here. Removing the impurities, and avoiding attaining impurities is a very difficult task while we exist here.

Let's take a closer look at what is meant by impurities.
Anything which is not your true nature is an impurity.

So what then is your true nature? That which you are looking for. The unblemished peace, that expanded bliss, unconditional love, pure existence, consciousness, wisdom. These qualities indicate your very Self which is beyond all attributes. When all that exists is transcended, does That alone remain. Your Self. The formless, nameless. That which seems beyond reach to you right now, and unknown. Because you have forgotten your own nature and got lost and buried in the multiple layers of creation that you have come to explore. It is as though you are struggling within your dream to wake up.

As soon as we forget our true nature we become impure.
What/who forgets the true nature? In the process of descent of an individual soul from the Source creator into the realms of creation, the individual soul gets so busy and involved in the layers of creation that there comes a sort of artificial separation between the Atma (Self) and the individual soul (Jeev). This is because, in our role-playing and our involvement in the character (Jeev) of the created drama, we forget our real nature backstage, the Atma. We start living the stage character night and day, rather than just on stage when needed. It is just a drama after all. It is a creative act, like creating a multidimensional painting, or sculpture, or a grand science fiction movie. But on this earth plane, the Jeev starts living the drama as real.

Then what happens is that the Jeev, the individual soul, is lost in separation from its true nature. As the saint, Kabir described, like a musk deer from whom the fragrance emanates, the soul goes running wild in the forest searching for the scent, till it falls from fatigue and finally realizes that the source is within him. In this hunt for true happiness, in this search for eternal bliss, one loses a sense of Self that is whole, complete and infinite. The soul becomes limited, and can't stand its own limitations. It desires happiness. In the desire for happiness, it seeks it outside itself, from relationships, from possessing things, from promotions, acquisitions, being popular, having lots of money, or status, recognition, and all those things we see in this world. In the, "I want this," "I don't want this," comes love and hate, likes bring attachments, dislikes lead to anger. Do you see the downward progression into pain and suffering?

From here spring all the vices of jealousy, greed, hate, lust, fear, ego and so on. These vices are your impurities. The negative thinking and negative emotions are built up over time into patterns, habits, tendencies, and impressions. Layer upon layer accumulates till there is no sign of the Self at all and only the deluded and confused individual personality remains.

Recognizing each thought and emotion is your work. At each moment, be aware of your thoughts and patterns. Watch your mind and habits. Observe your feelings and reactions. There is no other way to remove your impurities other than this. Consciously, using your logical rational intellect, override the thoughts that are negative and impure, just say "no". Be firm. You may fail. Keep at it. Over time you will prevail. Old patterns and tendencies need a lot of work. With each feeling, emotion or reaction, you must keep a conscious watch. Observe and handle each feeling and sensation with awareness. Work on yourself. Those feelings that don't serve you will dissipate. Then they will rise again. You must keep at it. Negative feelings and thoughts are very powerful. It requires the sword of truth and strong will to overpower and destroy them.
This is one method to purify. There are others.
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