Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Call to Purify

Destroy, remove all darkness, let it leave you. Rise higher to pure light, love, and the higher vibrations of consciousness.
All the heaviness that weighs you down, let it be, disconnect. Know that you are That pure divine consciousness. Be with it, always.
It is your time to realize and remember who you truly are. We have come to wake you up. As friends wake up, nudging their friends to wake up from this deep slumber, there is a shift in consciousness.
A new world is arising and emerging.
Which world do you identify with, which world do you vibrate with? One is of darkness and ignorance. It was the world you were fighting with, disagreeing with, and felt you didn't fit in. The new world is the one where you take a sigh of relief, where things are in harmony and you resonate with it. It is in line with divine light, and that light shines through you as though you become a pillar of that light of consciousness, and it flows through you as you become a channel and medium like a hollow flute.
Remembering who you are and kindling the light of consciousness in the heart of your soul, all illusionary unreal impurities and limitations break away and decimate. It is as though a metal armor gets broken into pieces and gets shattered. From within emerges a divine body of light. Very much like the metamorphosis from a caterpillar's chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly.

You will start to feel yourself more as an energy body, rather than just a physical body, breath and mind. You will feel light and pure. That awareness of your higher existence as consciousness and bliss will become long-lasting. You will start operating in a vast new field of experiences.
Has this already started happening to you?
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