Sunday, November 25, 2018

Be the Conduit of Love

Being a conduit of the Supreme's love for all is the biggest blessing. You simply have to ask to be an instrument. Make an intention to attain unconditional love. That's what you have come for. To share. To be there for others in need. So sign up to be a volunteer of God's work on earth. The divine reality is a miracle, our cognizant mind can't comprehend it. So surrender the mind. Let there be only the flow of the Supreme's love through your being. The ego will dissolve, there will be no separation between you and others. When you function from what's the highest good for mankind, is when the miracle starts happening. The wheels of the divine force start turning from your core. You become one with that divine reality.

Our addiction to the false reality and the delusional temporary gratification on the material physical plane keeps us trapped and robbed of our eternal bliss. When in fact, once that we reclaim our permanent state of bliss, for that is the nature of our Atma, we can engage in the material world through our physical bodies appropriately without negative consequences.

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