Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trusting Divine Realities

Our most significant change comes when we expand from the physical to subtler realities. Many layers of coverings have to be removed to dive deeper into these realms. Trust is a requirement. The inner sense develops as and when one evolves. Evolution towards purity, love, peace, and bliss. Make a vow to serve all, make an intention to love unconditionally. Make an effort to say no to your negative tendencies. Fear not, as fear keeps you in darker realms. Love is light. The passage into the eternal realms is through the heart. Vaikunth is in the heart.
Once the realities of the subtler realms start dawning, they influence your life more and more. Trust your inner voice, and the voices that speak to you, they are the voices of your higher Self and the masters that guide you.
The physical world and its mechanics becomes a theatre to watch. There is a greater reality from which you observe with love and detachment. Be wary of fear and attachment as they draw you into the drama and you lose your sense of Self. The veil of ignorance separates you from your Self. The mind transitions between the impermanent reality of the physical world, which is so seductive, and the transcendental realities of the higher realms. Vanquishing the desires related to this world, with the desire to attain Truth, slowly, with mental discipline, the mind melts into expanded consciousness. There is a letting go and the gravity of bondage with the world dissipates.
As the residue of accumulated imprints, tendencies and Karm are consumed by the rising fire of consciousness, we become purer. We are able to hold the awareness of our higher Self for longer periods of time. The personality or 'character' in the drama stays at the surface, but one acts through the real Self.
The more you surrender to the Higher, Self or Supreme, the more the Grace descends onto you.
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