Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Conversations with my Self

My intention for 2015 is to move to Milpitas area and create a small community of co-creators who would be connected like a hexagonal molecule of light and love to serve others with wisdom and compassion...perhaps it'll become clearer, take shape, as the mist clears and the path unfolds...

Our quest is for infinite wisdom and unconditional love, satchitanand. It's the mother of all quests. Life, the maintenance of the body, is for this quest, but we get lost in it, the story line, and the ego. It has to become a priority to make time to reflect, and become aware that all endeavors lead to this quest. Ask questions and listen to the answers within, the whispers of the soul, and like synaptic pathways, be lead to your source. One source.

Each one is a piece of me. Some parts in deep slumber, some fully awake, some busy in their dream world, at all phases. Like particles gradually lighting up and then being recycled in the vastness of space. Like electrons appearing and disappearing. Faster and faster. As I witness this cosmic drama, like a fractal in my entire being.

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