Sunday, January 4, 2015

Evolution of Man: The Next Species

When the change is slow, we don't notice it. As we are growing, or our child is growing we don't realize the growth. As a plant grows, as a fruit appears or a flower blossoms, it's the slow motion of creation. Only when things accelerate and things happen quickly in succession, we are taken aback by the changes. Everything is cyclical, the process of creation, sustenance, merging back to the source, resting, and then starting the cycle again, and again, endlessly. From no moon to full moon nights and back to no moon. This is the story line. At the same time there is a transcendental element that doesn't change. Like space. Within space everything happens, galaxies form, revolve and dissolve, yet space itself remains untouched.We live in all those realities.

Now it is the time of accelerated change. It will be noticeable. Millions have already become aware. Nothing will be hidden, everything will be revealed. For those who are negative, corrupt, violent, hateful and angry, will be on self-destruct. Those people and systems that want to control, exploit, and fool the masses under a veil of deception, will all come tumbling down. The days of the Ego are over, it will no longer be the master, but the slave of the Self. It is time! Wake up of creatures of light. A new dawn beckons you! The wheel of nature is turning. A new species of man is the womb of creation. Then will be born beings of light. The new Avatar of Kalki. Sri Aurobindo mentioned this new species. The liquid crystal bodies conducting light, riding on a white horse, steadfast, yielding the sword of truth and wearing a crown of seven stars - for he has conquered the seven chakras. In the deepest darkest hour in history, while the storms rage, waters surge, the earth quakes, and a new earth emerges, brilliant and bright, radiating a new peace, yee shall be born, as the children of light! Ride on soldiers, fearless into the night, for the hand of God is upon you, for you are the brave ones! Fear not! A world of peace awaits you...and children shall come forth, waiting for this time. It is your birth right and the purpose of your coming to Earth at this time! It is time to now be silent and listen to those voices within, else your Self will be shouting at you, "Wake Up!" it is time. From all corners you will get messages, for you have to remember, it is time! Resolve the past and remember the who you are! It is time...

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